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Living Beyond Limits

Many of the people that I have had the privilege to represent—in their most urgent and dire moment of need—do not give up. There comes a moment, perhaps at the lowest point, when the fire begins to burn.

Amy Purdy’s story is a shining example of finding the ‘why?’ in your journey to recovery.

After bacterial meningitis took her legs, Amy Purdy struggled with depression, and only beat it when she learned to accept her new reality, but not any limitations. After being unable to find prosthetics that would allow her to snowboard, she built her own. Today, she is a world champion female adaptive snowboarder.

The Lost Art of Listening

Improved communications skills—and deliberate listening in particular—can result in better client care. Moreover, “being heard” demonstrates stronger sense of caring, engagement and rapport.

Listening is the most powerful form of acknowledgment, one that builds relationships and provides a feeling of acceptance.

Lonnie Hirsch

Lonnie Hirsch, Co-Founder of Healthcare Success Strategies, shares his 9 tips for improving patient encounters and patient satisfaction.