When your life has changed, the courage to continue comes from within

Craig's Story

Craig was 22 years old when he suffered a catastrophic brain injury when the vehicle he was a passenger in was T-boned by a Mack Truck. He was in a coma following the accident and was hospitalized for 6 months. His parents, Paul and Donna, found the “anchor” for their son’s recovery at Harper Grey.

Paul & Donna’s Story

Paul and Donna lived through every parent’s nightmare. They received a phone call early one morning telling them that their son had been involved in a serious accident in another province and was in a coma. They rushed to be with him. When he woke, he did not recognize them, he could not speak, he could not feed himself, he could not walk.

Despite paying for insurance, no money was available for their son’s rehabilitation due to a coverage dispute between ICBC and an Ontario Insurer. Their son needed medical and financial assistance. They had to leave their jobs to be with their son. They needed emotional, legal, medical and financial support and guidance. “We quickly learned about the potential long term effects and future care needs associated with an injury of this magnitude. Harper Grey took the time to come to the hospital to meet with our family, answered the many questions we had, educated our family on brain injury, and provided us with a level of respect and understanding that established a positive relationship.”

The doctors may have saved our son’s life after he suffered a catastrophic brain injury, but Harper Grey is responsible for the quality of life he lives today.

Paul & Donna, parents

How harper grey helped

Their family was shattered. But they were not alone. Harper Grey helped them pick up the pieces and put their lives back together. Helped them create a new normal for their family. They received the guidance, medical care and financial assistance that they needed.

To enable Craig to return to Ontario for further medical care and rehabilitation, Harper Grey arranged for the special transport that was necessary because of his extensive injuries. After his discharge Craig lived with his parents and then independently in a supervised environment. With considerable assistance and support he returned to school to complete some post secondary education and prepare for the many challenges that lay ahead. He has struggled at times since the accident but has moved forward with his life. He works in a structured environment and is raising a young family. Despite his injuries he is able to live independently with support from his family and community.

Although the doctors saved Craig’s life, Harper Grey was the anchor for Craig’s successful rehabilitation that led to the quality of life that Craig and his parents enjoy today. A recovery and quality of life that many did not think was possible.

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