Julian's Story

Julian suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, extensive orthopaedic injuries and post traumatic stress when the vehicle he was driving was involved in a head on collision. Julian and his wife Janie, who was a passenger in the vehicle, sought out Harper Grey for support as they faced the devastating effects of the accident.

Julian and Janie’s Story

Janie’s only memories of the accident are of headlights suddenly veering straight towards them. When Julian regained consciousness he was unable to stop screaming. The emergency response team had to cut through the vehicles to remove him from the car. At first it seemed that he would not recover. Eventually he was discharged from the intensive care unit but he faced a lengthy recovery period.

Julian and Janie questioned whether he was receiving the best medical care. They needed someone they could trust to advise and arrange the best team of health care providers and rehabilitation support. He was not a Canadian citizen and the insurance company raised issues about his entitlement to benefits. His family was dependent on him for financial support and as he could not work he needed financial assistance to support them. They needed assistance in the home to relieve Janie in her role as full time caregiver.

What impressed us about Harper Grey was that they came in with a sense of care and concern for us and how we were doing.

Julian, client

How harper grey helped

Harper Grey provided the immediate support that Julian and Janie required. They provided advice with respect to Julian’s care needs and facilitated treatment and care with physicians and other health care providers. They resolved the insurance issues and provided financial assistance so that Julian and Janie would not lose their home. Most importantly Harper Grey provided the combination of knowledge, confidence and emotional support that they needed in the turbulent aftermath of the accident.

“Finally connecting with Michael Thomas and Harper Grey was like reaching a port in a traumatic storm. Suddenly all the weight of responsibility and worry was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to concentrate on supporting Julian’s recovery.”

Julian and Janie continue to face challenges but have moved forward with their lives. Julian has recently returned to work 2 days per week as a computer consultant and software developer out of his home. The emotional support, guidance and assistance that he received from Harper Grey played a key role in his recovery.

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