Kandace's Story

Kandace was 18 years old when she suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe orthopaedic injuries while a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a head-on collision. The future was uncertain: the level of function Kandace would be capable of and the amount of future care that she would require were unknown.

 Kandace’s story

At the time of the accident Kandace was a high school student about to graduate. She was looking forward to post‑secondary education and furthering her career. Kandace had no memory of the accident because of her brain injury. Her brain injury made it difficult to concentrate and remember things in the short term, and with the pain of her extensive orthopaedic injuries, she became anxious and depressed.

Kandace and her family needed support to guide her through the long emotional and physical road to recovery and secure her financial future.

At a time in my life when I felt broken and had no hope, Terry Robertson made me feel supported and at ease. I was never doubtful under the care of Harper Grey and will always be grateful.

Kandace, client

How Harper Grey Helped

Kandace’s treatment and rehabilitation were long and arduous; she had multiple surgeries for her orthopaedic injuries and ongoing therapy to deal with the cognitive difficulties caused by her brain injury. Harper Grey assisted in the organizing and funding, where necessary, of Kandace’s rehabilitation. During her journey, lawyer Terry Robertson, acted as a support person for Kandace and her family, which was vital to her adjustment to her injuries and planning for her future. Terry was with Kandace at every stage and his involvement and assistance was extremely important in her recuperation and rehabilitation.

While Kandace and her family devoted time to her recovery, Harper Grey took the initiative regarding the legal claims. The firm began investigating the circumstances of the accident, retaining an accident reconstruction engineer to investigate and provide an opinion on how the accident occurred. As a result of the expert evidence on the cause of the accident, the defendant’s insurer admitted liability and a settlement of Kandace’s claim was negotiated at mediation. The settlement funds ensured that Kandace’s needs would be looked after and her financial future was secure. Following the settlement, Terry has continued to keep in touch with Kandace.

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