Wayne's Story

Wayne was a passenger in a car that crashed into a construction site. The driver of the vehicle had been drinking and fled the scene leaving Wayne alone, unconscious, with a broken neck in the vehicle. The 27-year-old construction worker faced an uncertain future.

Wayne suffered a broken neck and an organic brain injury in the crash. Recovery for Wayne would be a long and difficult journey. He faced spending at least 18 months in recovery and during that time would be unable to work. He needed financial support, medical resources and guidance to enable him to focus on building his strength, dealing with new physical realities and adjusting to his new life. As important, he needed emotional support to cope with the stress and worry caused by the legal issues resulting from the devastating accident.

You are about to go through one of the toughest times in your life and it's nice to have people around you who care, lawyers included.

Wayne, client

How harper grey helped

Harper Grey immediately put together the assistance and resources that would support Wayne throughout his recovery. They arranged and supported a care plan to make sure Wayne’s injuries were accurately assessed and treated. They arranged for financial resources to cover his needs while he was off work. This support helped Wayne to find the way forward and also helped manage the worry and stress of his rehabilitation and legal issues. “The mental stress affects your body physically and to lessen the load in any way will make your body as a whole feel better. Stay positive and although it is a long road ahead of you, it will come to an end and things will get better.”

Wayne could not return to construction. Harper Grey arranged for vocational assistance and support to provide Wayne with a future. For Wayne, the support and encouragement of lawyer Mike Thomas was vital to the recovery process and continues today: “Even after the case has been settled, we keep in touch. That says enough in itself of Harper Grey.”

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