Professional referrals are fundamental to the practice of law. Harper Grey maintains close professional relationships with lawyers and firms who refer cases to us with complete confidence knowing that we have extensive experience in handling difficult and complex critical injury cases.

There are many reasons why a lawyer would refer a client. For example, they may not practice in this area or require additional experience, talent or resources to ensure that their client’s best interests are protected.

We welcome referrals and work closely with all referral sources. We honour and respect the original client relationship. We ensure that the transition of the case is seamless and efficient and keep the referring lawyer involved, providing frequent updates. Most importantly, we take care of their client.

Key Advantages

Our referral sources appreciate our approach and they appreciate the four key competitive advantages we leverage on behalf of their clients.

Insurance Law Expertise

We work with the major insurance companies and many of their examiners and adjusters. We pride ourselves on being fair, reasonable and professional.

Health Law Expertise

We have a long history of representing physicians in British Columbia. We know the best experts for each specific case. Our knowledge of the medical community allows us to focus on rehabilitating clients and creating an environment that allows them to succeed.

Collaborative Approach

We work cooperatively and respectfully with all involved parties. As much as possible we try to remove the stress from litigation.

Substantial Resources

We utilize the resources of our firm to ensure that clients receive all of the treatment, rehabilitation and support necessary to recover from their injuries.

Referral Fees

The Law Society of British Columbia governs when referral fees can be paid. Only lawyers may collect a fee for referring a case to another lawyer. Find out more

The Law Society of British Columbia
Professional Conduct Handbook
Chapter 9 – Fees

2. A lawyer must not:

  1. (a) pay any remuneration to a person, other than another lawyer, in exchange for that person referring a client to the lawyer, or
  2. (b) act for a client if, to the lawyer’s knowledge, a person other than another lawyer was paid any remuneration by the client in exchange for being referred to the lawyer.

[amended 05/98; 03/04]

3. A lawyer acting for a client who was referred to the lawyer by another lawyer may pay that other lawyer remuneration for the referral only if, at the commencement of the retainer, the lawyer fully discloses the remuneration to the client and the client consents in writing to its payment.

[amended 03/04]

We offer referrals fees to other lawyers in accordance with the rules set by The Law Society. Referrals fees are paid out of our fees once the case is resolved.The client pays nothing.

If you have a client who would benefit from our expertise and resources, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we may be able to work with you.